[ut2004] Crashes in 3270-1 and 3323

Pietje Pukkel maillistrecipient at gothica.nl
Tue Sep 14 07:22:30 EDT 2004

Last time I checked, nvidia drivers weren't compatible with 4K stacks. But
besides that, you did recompile the nvidia driver as well against your new
kernelsources, right?
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Subject: [ut2004] Crashes in 3270-1 and 3323

> Hey all,
> I've been a very happy UT2004 player, up until recently. I took a 3
> month break from my computer, and when I returned, I upgraded about 500
> packages in Debian Unstable, recompiled my kernel from 2.6.5 to 2.6.8
> (with 4k kernel stacks), upgraded my GF4 Ti4600 display driver to
> version 6111, and fired up UT2004.
> My monitor clicked twice. Once to change refresh rates down to what
> UT2k4 normally demanded. Then once again, to power-save mode. Any
> keyboard/mouse combination I tried did not resuscitate it. I had to hard
> reboot.
> I deleted my User.ini and UT2004.ini. Same problem, except now I heard
> the opening sound to the intro to UT2k4 (just the deep ambience sound,
> not the guy breaking through the NVidia sign sound). I updated to
> 3270-1. Same problem. I updated to 3323. Same problem.
> My best guess is that this is a side effect of upgrading to kernel
> 2.6.8 and/or the 6111 nvidia drivers. Anyone else experience this? Any
> other ideas, short of downgrading kernel/nvidia drivers?
> -Adar

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