Crashes in 3270-1 and 3323

Adar Dembo adar at
Tue Sep 14 05:00:13 EDT 2004

Hey all,

	I've been a very happy UT2004 player, up until recently. I took a 3
month break from my computer, and when I returned, I upgraded about 500
packages in Debian Unstable, recompiled my kernel from 2.6.5 to 2.6.8
(with 4k kernel stacks), upgraded my GF4 Ti4600 display driver to
version 6111, and fired up UT2004.

	My monitor clicked twice. Once to change refresh rates down to what
UT2k4 normally demanded. Then once again, to power-save mode. Any
keyboard/mouse combination I tried did not resuscitate it. I had to hard

	I deleted my User.ini and UT2004.ini. Same problem, except now I heard
the opening sound to the intro to UT2k4 (just the deep ambience sound,
not the guy breaking through the NVidia sign sound). I updated to
3270-1. Same problem. I updated to 3323. Same problem.

	My best guess is that this is a side effect of upgrading to kernel
2.6.8 and/or the 6111 nvidia drivers. Anyone else experience this? Any
other ideas, short of downgrading kernel/nvidia drivers?


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