[ut2004] 3270 Patch

Tom Emerson osnut at pacbell.net
Wed Sep 1 02:26:18 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 31 August 2004 8:14 am, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> Tom Emerson wrote:
> > Speaking of patches, either I missed a critical bit of documentation, or
> > [...]  I didn't FIND such a
> > note in any of the obvious places, like the README file, for instance...]
> It's in the unofficial FAQ:

ahh... the UNofficial FAQ, how obvious :) 

[just joshin' ya, of course -- looks like I groked it pretty well, save that I 
changed the ~/bin/ut2004 script to reference the AMD64 version rather than 
the other way around -- and since I didn't mess with the AMD64 version of 
"ucc-bin", I take it it isn't needed for "basic" gameplay?]

> http://www.thehaus.net/Tips/UT/ut2004icculusfaq.shtml
> Apparently I need to do some updating now that the new patch is out :)

well, by the time I read this I see that it reflects the fact that 3270.1 is 
out and has a link [downloading now], so in about 5 minutes I can try 
patching it "correctly" this time :)

I've read the rest of the FAQ, and it turns out I do have another silly 
question that ISN'T covered, so I'll ask that in a new thread...

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