Silly question: why does "downloading file..." go past 100%?

Tom Emerson osnut at
Wed Sep 1 05:54:59 EDT 2004

OK, I've gotten back into the swing of things in regards to Unreal, so I've 
ventured out into the real [internet] world where custom maps and mods 
abound.  One thing that strikes me as a bit odd is that the file download 
screen often goes WELL past 100% downloaded -- what's up with THAT?

I don't see any FAQ [official or otherwise] addressing this [admittedly 
trivial, but annoying] "problem".  It isn't simply that it goes past 100%, 
but rather that I have no idea how FAR past 100% it will go.  In fact, I've 
noticed that many files will download until they've reached 100%, then it 
seems to restart and it is always the second version that goes past 100%; 
sometimes to 200%, sometimes 250%, sometimes over 300%.
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