[ut2004] ECE bomb [w/latest patch]

Tom Emerson osnut at pacbell.net
Mon Oct 11 02:06:41 EDT 2004

On Sunday 10 October 2004 8:59 pm, Rick wrote:
> Tom Emerson wrote:
> >Drat!
> >
> > installation, my startup log reads as such:
> >
> >===============================
> >Critical: ReadFile beyond EOF 0+4/0
> >===============================
> >
ok, this is partially a "nevermind..." post, but more to the point of the 
above error: it turns out I had dropped in another map I had downloaded at 
the same time.  Somehow, it copied as a zero byte file and ended up being the 
cause of the problem.  Now, ***had*** the above error read "...beyond EOF in 
file ONS-Mars3.ut2", I would have known INSTANTLY that I was to blame, not 
some mucked-up installation file.  As such, I had copied this via KDE's 
drag-n-drop FROM a .zip file (i.e., from one konquerer window to another, 
with the source-window looking inside a .zip file)  Occasionally this doesn't 
really copy the file, but only gets the file label (as in this case), but it 
is rare enough that I didn't think of it as the culprit.

My point: if you're going to go to the trouble of creating an error message in 
the first place, MAKE SURE the message contains enough information to 
diagnose the problem right then and there!

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