SIGSEGV after installing cbp2

Felix Maibaum f.maibaum at
Tue Nov 30 06:40:31 EST 2004

Hi all.

I just installed CBP2 and now every time I try to start ut2004 I just
get a SIGSEGV.

this is waht the log says:

Log: Log file open, Tue Nov 30 12:32:09 2004
Init: Name subsystem initialized
Init: Version: 3339 (128.29)
Init: Compiled: Nov 13 2004 05:57:06
Init: Command line:
Init: (This is Linux patch version 3339.0)
Init: Character set: Unicode
Init: Base directory: /usr/local/games/ut2004/System/
Init: Ini:UT2004.ini   UserIni:User.ini
Init: Build label: UT2004 Build UT2004_Build_[2004-11-11_10.48]
Init: Object subsystem initialized
Warning: Missing Class Class Editor.TransBuffer
Log: Initializing OpenGLDrv...
Log: binding
Log: Game class is 'GameInfo'
Log: Bringing Level Entry.myLevel up for play (0) appSeconds: 25.593767...
ScriptLog: GameInfo::InitGame : bEnableStatLogging False
Log: Browse: NvidiaLogo.ut2?Name=Sanktnelson
Log: Collecting garbage
Log: Purging garbage
Log: Garbage: objects: 33578->33577; refs: 348049
Log: Game class is 'CinematicGame'
Log: Bringing Level NvidiaLogo.myLevel up for play (0) appSeconds:
ScriptLog: GameInfo::InitGame : bEnableStatLogging False
Log: Created and initialized a new SDL viewport.
Developer Backtrace:
Log: [ 1]  ./ut2004-bin [0x85bfc81]
Log: [ 2]  [0xffffe420]
Log: [ 3]  ./ut2004-bin(_Z9CacheLoadI13UCachePlayersEvRT_+0x713) [0x86bcce3]
Log: [ 4]  ./ut2004-bin(_ZN6UxUtil13GetPlayerListEv+0x91) [0x86b8a91]
Log: [ 5]  ./ut2004-bin(_ZN6UxUtil19execGetPlayerRecordER6FFramePv+0x9c)
Log: [ 6]  ./ut2004-bin(_ZN7UObject15execHighNative2ER6FFramePv+0x60)
Log: [ 7]  ./ut2004-bin(_ZN7UObject16execClassContextER6FFramePv+0x1ce)
Log: [ 8]  ./ut2004-bin(_ZN7UObject7execLetER6FFramePv+0x245) [0x8548cd5]
Log: [ 9]  ./ut2004-bin(_ZN7UObject15ProcessInternalER6FFramePv+0x1b5)
Log: [10]
Log: [11]
./ut2004-bin(_ZN7UObject19execVirtualFunctionER6FFramePv+0x48) [0x8549088]
Log: [12]  ./ut2004-bin(_ZN7UObject15ProcessInternalER6FFramePv+0x1b5)
Log: [13]
./ut2004-bin(_ZN7UObject12ProcessEventEP9UFunctionPvS2_+0x19a) [0x856778a]
Log: [14]  ./ut2004-bin(_ZN11UGameEngine4InitEv+0xcb3) [0x8228d43]
Log: [15]  ./ut2004-bin [0x8153c96]
Log: [16]  ./ut2004-bin(main+0x2f8d) [0x814f93d]
Log: [17]  /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ [0xb7d487da]
Log: Unreal Call Stack: FConfigCacheIni::GetSection <- UxUtil::CacheLoad
<- UxUtil::CacheGet <- UxUtil::execGetPlayerRecord <-
UObject::execClassContext <- UObject::ProcessEvent <- U
GameEngine::Init <- InitEngine
Exit: Exiting.
Log: FileManager: Reading 0 GByte 52 MByte 232 KByte 200 Bytes from HD
took 16.417463 seconds (3.001371 reading, 13.416092 seeking).
Log: FileManager: 0.000000 seconds spent with misc. duties
Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down
Uninitialized: Allocation checking disabled
Uninitialized: Log file closed, Tue Nov 30 12:32:37 2004

This is on a current debian unstable with 2G of RAM and 2x2GHz Athlon.
It also happens when I remove my ~/.ut2004 directory.

Any clues what is going on?



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