[ut2004] major slowdown with 3339 in Windows compared to linux?

Joshua Hoppes xipher at xipher.us
Sat Nov 27 17:19:54 EST 2004

Felix Maibaum wrote:

> Hi all.
> I installed 3339 for both OS, and the windows Version became 
> significantly slower (30-50%). I have not noticed this behavior in 
> Linux. Does Anybody know what is going on? Maybe some plan to convince 
> people to use the right OS?
> slightly confused,
> Felix
Well, I don't know exactly what causes Windows to do this, but it tends 
to happen across the board for people. Simply put stuff like registry 
creap and so on just slowly cause windows to slow down, and effects 
other programs. Simplicity for the user comes at a price, but simplicity 
of the system does as well (although I prefer system simplicity, as I 
can deal with alot of simply parts working together better then one 
kludge of software trying to do every thing)

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