64 bit 3339 linux _server_ is performing very poorly

Clint Goudie-Nice clint at magicalspirits.net
Tue Nov 30 00:05:33 EST 2004

I've been having players report that my server is performing very poorly
after the 3339 patch. I've noticed that what previously took about 20%
of the cpu on the box now requires 98% and if the demands are higher it
gets super jumpy. Just to test it out, I switched it to the 32 bit
binary, and the processor load has dropped off tremendously.

I suspect based upon that, the webadmin being broken, & the ucc compress
commandlet being broken I'll either switch back to 3323 or just run the
server on the 32 bit binary till the next patch.

Does anyone know, can I just re-apply the 3323 patch over the top, or do
I need to roll back to the System directory I tarred up just before I
applied this patch?


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