Can't stay connected (TCPTimeout?)

Robert Larkin mani at
Mon Nov 22 00:26:20 EST 2004


For three days now I've been trying to track down this problem.  
Unfortunately, I can't associate any personal actions with the start of 
my connection problems.

I can't stay connected to any server for more than a few seconds, and if 
I have to get a map from redirect it will endlessly fail and resume.

I've tried several kernels, 3 nics and 3 routers, a direct connect to my 
cable modem, I've googled my way to hell and back trying to verify that 
my system is setup correctly.  I can find nothing wrong.

The one thing that I'm suspicious of is how many tcp timeouts I get when 
I try to play ut2004.  netstat -s gives me about 3 per minute while 
browsing, but if I try to play online it's at least one, but sometimes 
several per second.  That can't be right.  But I don't have 
packet_filter set in my kernel, no firewall running on the local system. 

Is it possible that comcast is killing my connection as fast as I can 
make it? 

mani (Rob)

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