[ut2004] SuSE 9.1 Sound

TheGsusFreek thegsusfreek at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 12 16:16:46 EST 2004

--- Andreas 'GlaDiaC' Schneider
<andreas.schneider at linux-gamers.net> wrote:

> I had no problems with SuSE 9.1. Try Kernel 2.6.8

Ack!  Which one do I get?!  Sorry, but I haven't
messed around much with the kernel before.

I have an FX5200, and I've just found something else
that makes me believe it is the AGP.  When I go to
/proc/drivers/nvidia/agp/status  it says it is

When I tell it to use agpgart, it fails starting
during bootup and freezes whenever I run anything 3D. 
I have an error in dmesg: NVRM: rm_init_adapter failed

However, when I tell it to use NvAGP, everything works
...sorta, and I get this error twice in dmesg: NVRM:
not using NVAGP, AGPGART is loaded!!  and then I find
out that agp is disabled.

I hope the new kernel fixes this!

Because of Christ,
Phillip Baxter (TheGsusFreek)

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