[ut2004] System lockups

rick zajelo3 at cfl.rr.com
Mon May 24 15:25:41 EDT 2004

Xipher wrote:

> Do you crash at all? If not, then its working, that message is normal. 
> It is just mentioning the fact that it caught the bug and didn't crash.
> rick wrote:
>> rick wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>>    I just applied the new patch to a fresh install of UT2004 and I 
>>> am getting regular system lockups. I was just wondering if anyone 
>>> else is having this problem too? The only warning in the log is 
>>> this:  "Warning: Missing Class Class Editor.TransBuffer ". Any ideas 
>>> on what to do? System specs follow.
>>> Fedora Core 1
>>> Kernel is 2.4.26-1.ll.rhfc1.ccrma (low latency, kernel preempt)
>>> Athlon 2500+ at 3200+ (never crashed before because of OCing)
>>> Asus A7N8X-Del. Ver. 2.0
>>> Samsung DDR3200 (8-3-3-3)
>>> Nvidia Ti 4600
>>> Nvidia Nforce2 chipset
>>>                             TIA,
>>>                   Rick B
>>    All right, I reinstalled the game added the files from the new 
>> patch's System, Textures and Help files to the old System, Textures 
>> and Help files and now this is the error the log gives me: " Log: 
>> KFarfield safety net tripped! 1413 bug?" Any ideas?
>>                TIA
>>                   Rick B
    Yes, it usually crashes (locks up) after 5 minutes at the most, with 
the KFarfield error being the last thing in the log. The only way to get 
back the system is to  use the reset button.

                         Rick B

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