[ut2004] 2.6.6 kernel configuration

Jason Paque solitudewi at yahoo.com
Fri May 21 21:48:42 EDT 2004

Gian Paolo Mureddu <Thetargos at tutopia.com> wrote:Jason Paque wrote: that usually depends on the distro you are running ie- Redhat, fedora, Mandrake

Gian Paolo Mureddu <Thetargos at tutopia.com> wrote: Ok guys so I reckon my 2.6.6 kernel is screwed up because of a 
misconfiguration since no onle else has the problems I have: UT exiting 
with a SIGHUP (hangup) and waiting eternally to exit as soon as I try to 
enter "join game" or the "Community" options in the menu. Since this is 
an obvious Network misconfiugration, I was wondering how do you guys 
(with 2.6.6 kernels) have your Networking options configured? I'm pretty 
sure the problem might rely in the Netfilter portion of the kernel, but 
then again, I have the same settings that were working Ok with my 2.6.5 
kernel... This is getting frustrating and confusing... So what do you 
have confiugred? I have pretty much everyting as modules except for NAT 
for local (not configured) and the ethbridge Netfilter. Anyone else has 
any ideas?


I run Fedora, and I'm using the same configuration I did when I built my first 2.6.x kernel (back in the -test days), so I'm pretty sure my config works, I'd just like to know what do other people have configured so this configuration works for them... I *think* I could have NAT to local active (which might explain some of the problems) or the ethbridge (though I don't see them set in my .config file). I'll try to rebuild the kenrel making sure these two options are NOT there.

No I would suggext first turning off the iptables firewall and see if you can connect if you can connect and run a server then change the configuration in iptables

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