2 questions: ALSA and quitting

Adar Dembo adar at stanford.edu
Fri May 21 14:32:47 EDT 2004

1) I have not been able to get ut2004 to output to my ALSA setup. My
/etc/asound.conf file defines a plug:dmix device which I would like to
use for ut2004, so that I may play music through XMMS and hear ut2004
sounds simultaneously. My hardware is an nforce2 APU, but I'm stuck
using the Intel 8x0 drivers, which do not support hardware mixing.

When I try to use the dmix plugin (by writing an .openalrc file that
outputs to the appropriate ALSA device), I get no sound out of ut2004
and the frame rate drops to about 1 frame per second. Anyone else get
this to work?

2) Every time I quit out of ut2004, I have to kill -9 the process. It
doesn't kill itself naturally. I think this is symptomatic of using ALSA
for the ut2004 output (not dmix'ed) and dmix for the rest of my system
sounds. When Evolution tries to play the "you got mail" sound it hangs,
waiting for ut2004 to exit. So I think some kind of deadlock is going
on, which is resolved when I kill the process and then all the sounds
queued up play. Any ways around this?

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