[ut2004] grfx card suggestion...

Peter Hoff petehoff at pacbell.net
Tue May 18 02:48:33 EDT 2004

Xipher wrote:

> Only problem is When will the drivers come out that will support them 
> in Linux
> stuartb at thelinuxlink.net wrote:
>> Wait 1 more week. The 6800 based cards are about to come out and all the
>> lesser cards will go down in price. At least in the USA.
>> Try looking at tomshardware:
>> http://www.tomshardware.com/graphic/20030714/vga_card_guide-12.html
>> This is from July 2003 but I assume you are not in the market for a US
>> $500 card. The Ti4600 looks like a nice step up for you and should be
>> quite cheap these days. I have a Ti4600 and a FX5700. The 5700 is way
>> better.
>> Stuart
They're already out. That's the advantage of a unified driver.

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