[ut2004] grfx card suggestion...

Kristopher Kersey augustus at linuxhardware.org
Mon May 17 21:43:24 EDT 2004

I wish I knew the answer to that.  I have gotten review samples for
LinuxHardware.org in the past but have been completely ignored at every
turn on this release.  We'll see how long it takes them to come through.
Then we'll see if I'll get one to show everyone how they perform.

Kris Kersey (Augustus)
LinuxHardware.org Site Manager
augustus at linuxhardware.org
Gentoo Linux AMD64 Developer
augustus at gentoo.org

On Mon, 17 May 2004, Xipher wrote:

> Only problem is When will the drivers come out that will support them in
> Linux
> stuartb at thelinuxlink.net wrote:
> > Wait 1 more week. The 6800 based cards are about to come out and all the
> > lesser cards will go down in price. At least in the USA.
> > Try looking at tomshardware:
> > http://www.tomshardware.com/graphic/20030714/vga_card_guide-12.html
> > This is from July 2003 but I assume you are not in the market for a US
> > $500 card. The Ti4600 looks like a nice step up for you and should be
> > quite cheap these days. I have a Ti4600 and a FX5700. The 5700 is way
> > better.
> > Stuart

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