[ut2004] Tuning guide?

John Bailo jabailo at earthlink.net
Mon May 17 04:37:58 EDT 2004

On Sunday 16 May 2004 15:55, Peter Hoff wrote:

> Not trolling, I'm totally serious. I haven't done a comparison on my own
> system, as I only run Linux. As I said, it's playable, but the
> performance isn't great. A friend of mine dual boots and performance is
> significantly better on Windows. IIRC, he has:
> Athlon 3000+
> either 512 or 1024M RAM
> GeForce FX 5900
> SuSE 8.2/Windows XP

Ok, so you have a faster machine with more memory.

But you have a different vid card and you are using an older version of Suse.

I guess I have to take the challenge and install UT2004 on my Windows 
partition.  I've been meaning to do it any way since the whole thing is half 
for fun and half and experiment to see if Linux can handle gaming.   My 
personal experience obviously differs from yours.

As far as GeForce vs Radeon -- does GeForce supply it's own Linux drivers?  Or 
do you use drivers from the Suse distribution ?  

Can you play the other OpenGL 3D games that require acceleration ( tuxracer 
and neverball for instance ) which are part of the Suse distro ?

One configuration change that you might want to look at is your disk DMA 
setttings.  In Suse 9.0 you can see these in the control center under the 
hardware settings.   My hard drive is:


I know that when I was trying to play DVDs in my DVD/CD ROM, the DMA setting 
made a huge difference !   

W '04 : Open

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