[ut2004] Tuning guide?

Peter Hoff petehoff at pacbell.net
Sun May 16 18:55:38 EDT 2004

John Bailo wrote:

>On Wednesday 12 May 2004 21:32, Peter Hoff wrote:
>>I'm with you. It's playable on Linux, but the performance is definately
>>better on Windows. The most plausible (to me anyway) explanaition I've
>>heard is that directx is designed specifically for gaming, while opengl
>>is geared more towards proffesional 3d applications.
>C'mon, you guys are just trolling.
>My machine is :
>2400 Athlon 2G
>256 memory
>Suse Linux 9.0
>Radeon 9200 with the ATI Linux drivers.
>40G harddrive -- dual boot, 2 Windows shares, and four Linux file systems.
>I put UT2004 on a 19G linux filesystem.
>Im new to UT so I'm doing the single player games -- two on one fighting.   To 
>me, it's excellent.  I compare it with Halo -- which I found to be a dog once 
>the action and fighting started.   In fact the Linux UT2004 moves so fast 
>it's hard to keep my wits about me.
>In theory, since the Linux and Windows version come on the same DVD I could do 
>a comparison with Windows .
Not trolling, I'm totally serious. I haven't done a comparison on my own 
system, as I only run Linux. As I said, it's playable, but the 
performance isn't great. A friend of mine dual boots and performance is 
significantly better on Windows. IIRC, he has:

Athlon 3000+
either 512 or 1024M RAM
GeForce FX 5900
SuSE 8.2/Windows XP

Even when he had an 1800+ and was using the NForce2 onboard video his 
performance under Windows was equivalent or better than mine under 
Linux, and the only real difference between our systems was that I was 
using a GeForce FX 5700 Ultra (and not using Windows).

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