[ut2004] Can't run 2004 on ATI AIW 7500

Daniel Kasak dan at enthalpy.homelinux.org
Fri May 14 22:12:10 EDT 2004

Art Carney wrote:

>I'm running kernel 2.6.5, XFree 4.3 from a Knoppix 3.4 install and UT2004 runs 
>terribly. I checked the faq about this and it looks like it's outdated wrt 
>ATI radeons.
>I'd prefer to use official drivers from ATI but they don't release any for 
>cards older than the 8500. Does anyone on this list run 2004 on a Radeon 
>using DRI?
What are your specs, and what version of X are you running?
I used to get decent performance ( certainly playable, nothing flashy ) 
with xfree86-4.3.99-something on my Radeon 7200 DDR VIVO.
I have an Athlon 2100 XP.
I just 'upgraded' to a Radeon 9600 SE and I'm now running ATI's drivers 
( 3.7.6 ) and the performance increase is marginal. ATI's drivers seem a 
little more feature-complete in terms of extensions available, but 
they're slow and buggy - I get a hard lockup every day or so just from 
xscreensaver. I'm still running at 640x480, and I've probably got a 15% 
performance increase. Lucky I hardly paid anything for the card...

If you're thinking of upgrading your video card, get one with an R2xx 
chip - the R3xx doesn't have DRI drivers, and believe me, the DRI 
drivers are the ones you want.


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