[ut2004] Really bad ping

Mike Harris atarimike at wavecable.com
Wed May 12 20:13:38 EDT 2004

On Wed May 12 2004 4:17 pm, Xipher wrote:
> It might be that the University is trying to block access for gaming.

I suppose it could be, but:
Wouldn't they just block that port completely? And when I first join the game, 
everything is fine. Then it starts to slow down.
The ping is always 988. Shouldn't this vary, or is this the hard limit for UT 
to display?

Also, I've noticed that I the game is choppy. At first I attributed this to 
latency, but now I notice it on Instant Action too. When I'm going straight 
(no mouse turning), my character lurches forward. Its very distracting.

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