[ut2004] ESD running during game?

Rick B zajelo3 at cfl.rr.com
Fri May 7 17:09:03 EDT 2004

nurgle at gmx.de wrote:

>On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 09:27:56PM -0400, Rick B wrote:
>>   Yeah, that the WM I'm using. I'm wondering if I need esd for 
>>anything since I use ALSA? If not I'd like to remove it. Is there anyway 
>>to make it not start during the game? It's just one more thing I don't 
>>need running.
>In the Gnome Audio Setting Control Panel there should be a checkbox "run
>esd on startup" (Don't know the exact name, since I am running a
>localized version). Just uncheck it.
>>By the way, how do you start ut2004 without a window 
>>manager? I've read about that before but don't know how.
>Which distro are you using? Do you have a graphical login or a text
>console login? If you have a graphical login like most distros use by
>default today, there should be a "Sessions" menue. Try choosing
>something like "Failsafe" and you will only get a single xterm and no
>WM. You can also choose WindowMaker XFCE or FVWM if you find one of
>those. They are very lightweight and almost as good as running without a
>Window Manager. Just don't choose KDE. It takes up more resources than
>Btw.: Gnome if a lot more than a Window Manger. It's a complete desktop
>environment with a Filemanager, a starter bar, drag & drop, etc., etc.
>That's why it takes up so much more resources compared to the old-school
>Window Managers. I find it convenient to use though when not playing
>UT2004. ;-)
     I usually use Gnome which uses the Metacity WM and Nautilus file 
manager on FC1 with kernel 2.4.26-1.ll.rhfc1.ccrma (has low latency and 
preempt patches). I've tried Blackbox and while there are a lot less 
processes in the background, the benchmarks don't show any improvement. 
My box is fast enough, so I'm just trying to tweak my overall setup. I 
like playing the game with all the settings maxed out, but with those 
settings the FPS will drop into the 20's (using Ge4 Ti4600) which really 
is to low, at least as far as the game being nice and smooth. I am 
thinking about switching to a CK kernel as I'm not sure that the CCRMA 
kernels are the best for game play, since by design they are for audio 
recording and processing, and put that first, at the expense of other 
                Rick B

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