[ut2004] missing eyecandy with openGL?

Paul subsolar at subsolar.org
Mon Mar 29 14:05:46 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-03-29 at 05:06, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> > So, um, is this actually going to be added in a patch in the future or
> > is UT2004 linux just doomed to be a step behind?
> Headlights (well, dynamic lighting in general) will be in the next
> patch. I disabled dynamic lights, regardless of what the options menu
> says, right before going gold because of a nasty rendering bug, which
> has since been fixed. This is true on Mac and Linux.


> Detailed shadows will hopefully make it into a later patch. The reason
> we don't have them is because the render-to-texture GL extensions all
> suck. However, recent SDL versions hide a lot of the nastiness, so it
> might make it into the game...no promises yet, though, as it might take
> a lot of work in OpenGLDrv in spite of SDL's additions.

It would be cool to have that feature, we always like eye candy, thanks
for the effort either way.

If this is done will I see my handle on the hellbender license plate
then too? hehe


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