[ut2004] missing eyecandy with openGL?

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at tutopia.com
Mon Mar 29 10:57:25 EST 2004

Matthew Arnold wrote:

> Just a datapoint: I have the DVD version of the game which I installed 
> via my LG DVD/CD-RW combo drive. I'm using it as a straight ATAPI 
> drive without ide-scsi emulation.
> Matt
With a 2.6 kernel? scsi-emu is best for 2.4, since 2.6 has much better 
ATAPI support than 2.4 in my case the performance with ATAPI in 2.6 is 
slightly faster than SCSI in 2.4. But SCSI-emu in 2.6 is almost half the 
speed of SCSI-emu in 2.4; go figure...

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