[ut2004] missing eyecandy with openGL?

Dennis Dryden ddryden at ntlworld.com
Mon Mar 29 08:51:47 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-03-29 at 14:13, cougar wrote:
> Sure wish it would install on the 2.6.X kernels... someone suggested 
> installing it in text mode... same results. Installation aborted. 2.6.X 
> kernels will be replacing the old slow 2. 4.x in most distros sooner than 
> most would expect. It ran great on the former 2.4.X on my box but I'm not 
> about to downgrade this 2.6.X   kernel for the sake of any game and I imagine 
> many will feel the same. I wonder if the 2.6.x  problem will be fixed by the 
> time the commercial release? I hope so, great game! If not, there may be a 
> lot of Linux UT 2004 boxes on the shelves gathering dust. 
> Cougar
> BTW, kudos to the great work on the 2.4.x 'version'.

What are you going on about? Im running UT2004 on Linux kernel
2.6.3(from Debian Unstable) with the ATI drivers, ok it crash's alot and
somtimes all i see is lots of triangles(when i hit myself with the
redmer aka BIG GUN and when some levels load). The game does work

I installed from the DVD. Is this an installing with multiple CD's
problem? If so isnt the problem poor configuration on your side?


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