[ut2004] ucc make?

Matthias Bach marix at marix-world.de
Sat Mar 27 02:41:03 EST 2004

> One method is copying /<installdir>/System/Default.ini to
> /<installdir>/System/UT2004.ini, then in the [Engine.Engine] section you
> should probably have the WinDrv option selected for the viewport.

Yep, this seems to be the good. Start. At least now the splashscreen comes up.
What error are you getting that wine totally dies out on? I attached the 
output of wine when running it on my computer. The wineversion is Wine 

The really annoying thing is that Wine pops up a fatal-error-box but the 
splashscreen keeps me from seeing it.

I hope nobody minds this non Linux-UT2004 discussion.

thanks and regards

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