[ut2004] ALSA and voice chat?

Scott Call scall at devolution.com
Mon Mar 22 16:38:49 EST 2004

On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> > > Voice recognition (talking to the bots) isn't supported on Linux; sorry.
> >
> > Will it be in a patch later on? its bloody hard to play Bombing Run
> > without it
> This is done on Windows with a proprietary DLL from Microsoft. We might
> be able to get _something_ running on Linux if there was a useful
> non-GPL'd library (LGPL is fine, though) that we can feed audio data and
> it feeds back a string of what it thinks it "heard".

Does IBM still offer ViaVoice in any form for Linux? It might be overkill
but it used to work quite well.


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