[ut2004] No love with linux installer

Sean Hamilton sh at bel.bc.ca
Fri Mar 19 23:40:28 EST 2004

Got it figured out. First, for those that were unable to unmount, the 
solution is to not cd into your cdrom directory. Instead, run the script 
from somewhere else:

# cd
# /mnt/cdrom/linux-install.sh

Second, the reason mine wasn't detecting the second CD was the installer 
is checking for the presence of a file:


My kernel didn't have joliet extensions support, so the filenames were 
coming out a bit different. Someone at Atari (or Epic?) ought to be 
slapped on the wrist for not putting rockridge extensions on their discs.

The installer also does us the disservice of capturing the mouse so that 
you can't easily paste into it (well actually you can, just hold down 
shift in xterm) as well as a number of other rather poor design choices. 
Overall, pretty dissatisfied with the installation process, fortunately 
the game makes up for it. Hopefully they'll hire somebody more clueful 
to write the linux installer next time around.

Sean Hamilton <sh at bel.bc.ca>

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