[ut2004] DVD SE & Linux Version?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Thu Mar 18 20:18:54 EST 2004

> Yes Epic/Atari is releasing this game on 'good faith' that no-one will
> pirate it, so there are now no need for CD keys. You see Atari feels sorry
> for people like yourself, who can afford multiple PCs capable of playing
> high end games like UT2004, yet are two freakin cheap to buy an extra copy
> of a game; you shouldn't have to pay for multiple licenses for the same
> title. I mean, man this runs on Linux so it 'should be free', right? ;)

You do need a CD key to play online; LAN games are a different story. I
don't believe we block out duplicate CD keys on the LAN at this time, but
I haven't checked and could be wrong (and that doesn't mean we won't in
the future).

> Be like the rest of us honorable gamers and buy two games if you have two
> computers. Not only because it's the right/only thing to do, yet get your
> CD keys counted for the Linux port. Be damn happy that this amazing game
> was even ported to Linux (Epic/Atari are LOSING money on this port).

Don't assume money is lost on the Linux port.

> And, no I don't work for Epic/Atari.

I do.  :)


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