[ut2004] DVD SE & Linux Version?

Rod Moffitt rodlist at rod.info
Wed Mar 17 11:32:13 EST 2004

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004 deathwire at austin2600.org wrote:

> Can you do the install over nfs?  Only one of my computers has a DVD ROM.
> Oh... now that I think about it, it's probably one of those evil games that
> requires a CD key and only lets you play one computer online at a time.
> Anyone know??
> ~jacob at gnu.org

Since I don't see a smiley face here, I am assuming you are not joking.

Yes Epic/Atari is releasing this game on 'good faith' that no-one will
pirate it, so there are now no need for CD keys. You see Atari feels sorry
for people like yourself, who can afford multiple PCs capable of playing
high end games like UT2004, yet are two freakin cheap to buy an extra copy
of a game; you shouldn't have to pay for multiple licenses for the same
title. I mean, man this runs on Linux so it 'should be free', right? ;)

Be like the rest of us honorable gamers and buy two games if you have two
computers. Not only because it's the right/only thing to do, yet get your
CD keys counted for the Linux port. Be damn happy that this amazing game
was even ported to Linux (Epic/Atari are LOSING money on this port).

And, no I don't work for Epic/Atari.

Since I haven't said this yet - thanks Ryan for this amazing port!

- Rod

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