[ut2004] DVD SE & Linux Version?

deathwire at austin2600.org deathwire at austin2600.org
Wed Mar 17 07:57:12 EST 2004

Quoting Matthew Arnold <marnold at ez-net.com>:

> Daniel Pierce wrote:
> > Mine just arrived and I can verify the linux installer.  All you need is
> "sh /mnt/dvd/linux-installer.sh"
> > Thank you Ryan,  you are the greatest!
> > -Dan
> Along that same line, I'm anticipating my DVD version arriving in a 
> couple of days. I've never tried to mount a DVD-ROM before (now _that_ 
> sounds odd). I assume it's not an iso9660 filesystem. What is it? UDF?
> Matt

Can you do the install over nfs?  Only one of my computers has a DVD ROM.
Oh... now that I think about it, it's probably one of those evil games that
requires a CD key and only lets you play one computer online at a time.
Anyone know??

~jacob at gnu.org

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