ATi and OpenAL problems

Mark Limburg mlimburg at
Fri Mar 12 05:43:08 EST 2004

Hey guys,

I'm running an AMD2700+ with 1G Corsair RAM and an ATI 9700 PRo with
128M .. and it's really choppy when running at 1024x768.  I haven't
checked FPS yet, but it looks around 25-30 .. any ideas on how I can a)
check and b) do something about it?

Also, sound works about half the time .. I'm guessing it's more than
likely the various apps competing for the sound stream, so I'm going to
install esound and see how it fairs ..

Those aside, it's SO good to see UT2004 as a native linux game.  My hat
is off to this, it's one of the reasons why I'm refusing to use my XP
partition - and so far, I give it 6 months until I kill it off.

But then .. I want to start getting into the MOD scene (for UT2004) and
if I need XP for that, then I'll keep it :P


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