[ut2004] DVD special edition

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Thu Mar 11 11:10:25 EST 2004

Matthias Bach wrote:

> Said that I haven't found a dedicated linux-games-retailer that has 
> that dvd-version. I emailed Tuxgames about it and they said they 
> will only have the CD version. I would really like to get this dvd-version, 
> but want to make sure it's counted as a linux-sale. Anybody knows 
> a linux-retailer that takes orders for the DVD?
> regards

While the gesture is noble, I don't think the few sales through Tux 
Games are really going to have any influence on Epic's decisions to port 
future games. Having said that, it seems silly that TG wouldn't carry 
the DVD version.


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