[ut2004] DVD special edition

Andre Schulz chickenman at exhale.de
Thu Mar 11 05:34:34 EST 2004

Hi Matthias,

Matthias Bach wrote:
> Hi!
> Said that I haven't found a dedicated linux-games-retailer that has 
> that dvd-version. I emailed Tuxgames about it and they said they 
> will only have the CD version. I would really like to get this dvd-version, 
> but want to make sure it's counted as a linux-sale. Anybody knows 
> a linux-retailer that takes orders for the DVD?
> regards
> Matthias

In Germany, you can order Linux games from http://www.ixsoft.de or 
http://www.linuxland.de . Maybe you can get it from them. (Disclaimer: I 
don't work there etc. blah yadda)


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