[ut2004] linux client's framerate capped at 50?

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at tutopia.com
Fri Mar 5 15:54:24 EST 2004

Matthew Arnold wrote:

> Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
>> So basically is because I use a 2.6 kernel that I get better 
>> framerate On-Line than single player? Go figure...
> Perhaps, but that's only part of the equation. I'm sure that part of 
> that difference is the fact that your CPU doesn't have to do anything 
> about bots. That takes some horsepower, especially on the maps with a 
> lot of them.
> Matt
Exactly, In my humble 1800+ since there are no bots On-Line, I get a 
steady ~50 FPS, while SP I get 30-45 FPS (CTF 9 bots) I think I already 
posted my sys specs, so you know I have a rather humble 3D gaming system.

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