[ut2004] linux client's framerate capped at 50?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Fri Mar 5 09:55:27 EST 2004

> Is there a fix? or an ini setting?

We _do_ cap framerate on network games, since packet transmission is
linked to framerate (yeah, yeah, point discussion of How It Should Have
Been Done to /dev/null). This means if the game client is running too
fast, we'll put the process to sleep for X milliseconds.

On 2.4 kernels, processes can't sleep for less than 10 milliseconds,
which clamps your framerate more than you'd like.

2.6 kernels have a 1 millisecond resolution, which helps in this case.
Perhaps this is what you're seeing?

We should really have an .ini option to not sleep but busy-loop for 2.4


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