linux client's framerate capped at 50?

rob larkin manifold at
Fri Mar 5 05:06:38 EST 2004


I posted earlier on this subject.

It seems the framerate is capped in the linux client at 50 fps.  50's 
good enough I guess, but the way it seems to work is if I'm capped at 50 
I'll often get down to 20 or 25.  In SP mode I never go below 65.

I've tried adding "bCapFramerate=False", played with my netspeed, 
nothing helps.  This seems to be hardwired, but only with the Linux 
client.  Windows users don't seem to have their framerate capped, or if 
they do, it must be pretty high since I know people who play on the same 
server as me and get 100 fps.

Is there a fix? or an ini setting?



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