[ut2004] Terrible luck even with newest patches

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Tue Jun 22 11:05:37 EDT 2004

Fred Richards wrote:
>  Yea my system is much the same.  I don't use KDE much anymore, I used 
> to be a big fan of windowmaker and gnome ... now I've kinda gotten into 
> this minimalist rut, with fluxbox.  I'm not using 4k stacks either.  
> Something tells me the next nvidia drivers should be interesting...

It's been a while since they released a new version . . .

>  I had both community packs, the alienswarm thing, ugh... So now I'm 
> considering installing from scratch.  Can I just copy over the 3236.1 
> patch over a fresh install?  Without incrementing the patches?

Yep. Ther 3236.1 tarball includes the fixes from all of the previous 

> Everything seems pretty stable now, I thought at first it could have 
> been a driver/kernel issue but as I said, I might have done something 
> weird to my UT2004 install, or perhaps opengl libs...

I hope it holds out. As many changes as I've made to my Slackware 
install, if I had to track down a problem like that it might take just 
short of an eternity. I think that when Slack 10.0 is released, it's 
upgrade time. Maybe even hard drive upgrade time too.


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