[ut2004] Terrible luck even with newest patches

Fred Richards tech at geexology.org
Mon Jun 21 23:23:38 EDT 2004

  Yea my system is much the same.  I don't use KDE much anymore, I used 
to be a big fan of windowmaker and gnome ... now I've kinda gotten into 
this minimalist rut, with fluxbox.  I'm not using 4k stacks either.  
Something tells me the next nvidia drivers should be interesting...

  Anyhow, I've started from scratch... the "busyspheres" glx port of the 
really slick screensavers, would crash my system immidiately... I wiped 
many things out (recompiled 2.6.7 from scratch, removed all traces of 
the nvidia driver and recompiled 5336) ... and even uninstalled 
UT2004... I had copied over files so many times it wasn't funny.  Maybe 
I munged something in the process. (I also use tcsh, and often have to 
unset "noclobber" even as root, I may have forgotten once or twice.)
  I had both community packs, the alienswarm thing, ugh... So now I'm 
considering installing from scratch.  Can I just copy over the 3236.1 
patch over a fresh install?  Without incrementing the patches?  
Everything seems pretty stable now, I thought at first it could have 
been a driver/kernel issue but as I said, I might have done something 
weird to my UT2004 install, or perhaps opengl libs...

                                          -- Fred
Matthew Arnold wrote:

> Fred Richards wrote:
>> This is me as well:
>> http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=30228
>> No, I am not using 4k stacks.  And yup, recompiled the kernel module 
>> .... when you say heavily modified Slack 9 system, what do you mean?
> Obviously an entirely hand-rolled kernel, ALSA instead of OSS. Fully 
> patched. All kinds of programs that weren't a part of Slack originally 
> installed as packages or from source. KDE 3.2. Probably other things 
> that I've forgotten.
> Matt

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