[ut2004] No background images when loading a game?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Wed Jul 21 16:39:04 EDT 2004

Dennis Dryden wrote:

>> Any ideas?  When I load a map, I see the lettering on a black 
>>background... not a show stopper, perhaps it's a pemission problem?
> Ive (re)installed ut2004 recently as well and i was wondering if there
> was supposed to be background gfx on the level level loading screen.
> Are all the patches needed to be installed one over the other or not? I
> also had some keyconfig errors but i seem to of sorted that out now.

Delete User.ini from /where/i/installed/ut2004/System, then delete 
~/.ut2004/System/User.ini. Run the game and things will Just Work.

Extra file slipped into the patch, and it overrides a lot of default 
settings incorrectly.


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