[ut2004] Cant find libGL

Robert Larkin mani at clan-mb.net
Tue Jul 20 02:35:37 EDT 2004

Luke Bigum wrote:

>This is interesting. I'm running a Gentoo box and after just updating 
>nvidia-glx UT2004 cant load the openGL libraries, however every
>other app that uses OpenGL has no problems. Is there some .ini setting 
>to tell UT where to look for libraries?
>This is the log:
>Log: Log file open, Tue Jul 20 15:54:59 2004
>Init: Name subsystem initialized
>Init: Version: 3236 (127.29)
>Init: Compiled: Jun 20 2004 09:32:48
>Init: Command line:
>Init: (This is Linux patch version 3236.1)
>Init: Character set: Unicode
>Init: Base directory: /usr/local/games/ut2004/System/
>Init: Ini:UT2004.ini   UserIni:User.ini
>Init: Build label: UT2004 Build UT2004_Patch_[2004-06-11_16.51]
>Init: Object subsystem initialized
>Warning: Missing Class Class Editor.TransBuffer
>Log: Initializing OpenGLDrv...
>Log: binding libGL.so.1
>Critical: Could not load OpenGL library
>Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
>Exit: Executing USDLClient::ShutdownAfterError
>Exit: Exiting.
>Log: FileManager: Reading 0 GByte 41 MByte 885 KByte 607 Bytes from HD took 
>7.338239 seconds (1.810004 reading, 5.528235 seeking).
>Log: FileManager: 0.000000 seconds spent with misc. duties
>Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down
>Uninitialized: Log file closed, Tue Jul 20 15:55:12 2004
On my system /usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.so.1 is a symlink to libMesaGL.so 
which is a symlink to nvidia's opengl.  Is it the same on yours? (I'm 
also on Gentoo).  I believe "opengl-update nvidia" does this, although I 
know I did not execute this after emerging the latest nvidia drivers, 
the ebuild seems to have updated the symlink for me.



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