No background images when loading a game?

Fred Richards tech at
Sat Jul 17 11:11:10 EDT 2004

  Ok, I finally got my system figured out, had some heat/power/video 
issues.  Now I have slack 10 with the latest NVidia driver (6160) and 
kernel 2.6.7 ... works awesome.

  I reinstalled and installed the latest patch (3236.1) and some new 
maps, namely the cbp2 ones.  But I get this in the UT2004.log:

Warning: UT2K4ServerLoading Entry.UT2K4ServerLoading (Function 
62) No background images configured for UT2K4ServerLoading

 Any ideas?  When I load a map, I see the lettering on a black 
background... not a show stopper, perhaps it's a pemission problem?

                                                            -- Fred

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