ALSA and ingame music

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at
Sun Feb 15 05:14:11 EST 2004

    I don't know if this has been asked before (just joined the list as 
of 1 minute ago). The problem I am experiencing is the following: The 
music volume is just too low, unperceptible on my regular speaker system 
(unless I blow up all the way up the volume, externally) and nearly 
unperceptible with my earphone system (which is what I use for gaming). 
Anyway, the volume sliders in the game seem to work right for the speach 
(anouncer) and the sound (FX?), but not so for the music (Ok, it 
acutally works, but since you can't hear almost nothing...

My system is this:


Processor: AMD Athlon XP 1800+
Memory: 512 Mb PC-2700 RAM
MoBo: ECS K75SA Pro
Graphics: Radeon 9500 128 Mb (non pro)
Sound: Sound Blaster Live! Value. (onboard sound, sounds like crap)


Distribution: Fedora Core 1 Yarrow
Kernel: Custom 2.6.2 compiled with sound support as module, no drivers 
compiled with the kernel.
Graphics Drivers: ATi bianary drivers version 3.2.8
Audio Drivers: ALSA driver 1.0.2 (with all libraries installed, compiled 
from source *with* OSS & MIDI support).
Relevant applications: UT2004 Demo (of course!), Xine, mplayer, XMMS, 
ReZound, Audacity.

***Note: UT2003 does *not* exhibit this problem, the music slider just 
doesn't work with this game, and the music has adequate volume.

Gian Paolo Mureddu
AKA Thetargos.

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