Fedora Core, No Go, No GL

z0001283 at zoo.co.uk z0001283 at zoo.co.uk
Wed Dec 15 14:48:10 EST 2004

Hi all,

Have installed Fedora Core2. Installed UT2004 from 
the DVD. Seemed to go OK. Tried to run it from the 
end of install screen, from a console window in the 
fg and bg.

Whatever way I do it, the UT2004 splash screen 
appears and then disappears. No game.

Once I got an error message saying "Cannot get (or 
set) video mode."

Checked this this out from the FAQ site.

Q: What's the definitive way to know if GL is 
working or not?
A: At a console type the following: glxinfo | grep 
direct if it replies with direct rendering: Yes. 
Then GL _should_ be working. 

Used this command and got a NO on my system. Looks 
like I need to turn direct rendering on. How do I do 


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