ut2004 (2370) amd64 binary

Kingsley Foreman kingsley at internode.com.au
Thu Aug 26 23:04:46 EDT 2004

Does one exist atm if I use the older one  I get.

Executing Class Engine.ServerCommandlet
Missing Class Class Editor.TransBuffer
VERIFY: Class ASVehicle size problem; Script=3160 C++=3156
VERIFY: Class AVehicle size problem; Script=3100 C++=3096
VERIFY: Class AHUD size problem; Script=1940 C++=1908
VERIFY: Class ALevelInfo size problem; Script=1944 C++=1940
VERIFY: Class AKVehicle size problem; Script=3180 C++=3176
Engine C++/UnrealScript class size mismatch
Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
Engine C++/UnrealScript class size mismatch

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