[ut2004] ut2004 (2370) and Deathball mod = segfault

Adam Gibson static at xstatica.com
Thu Aug 26 21:42:54 EDT 2004

Can someone else try ut2004 (2370) with deathball?  I read somewhere 
that there used to be problems if you did not run ut2004 before patching 
it.  I am just trying to find out if it is just my installation or if it 
seg faults on other systems too.

Joel Wiramu Pauling wrote:
> I installed and used deathball (not sure which version) before. And it
> worked fine... Using AMD64 binarys tho.
> On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 14:10, Adam Gibson wrote:
>>UT2004 works fine without running the deathball mod(multiplayer and 
>>single player).  Deathball requires version 2370 of ut2004 according to 
>>their website, Before patching to 2370 I did try the previous version of 
>>ut2004 and it segfaulted at the same spot too.  To install deathball I 
>>just extracted the zip file under the main ut2004 directory.  So it ends 
>>up at  /home/static/Games/ut2004/deathball.  Is there something I am 
>>missing?  I am running Fedora Core 2 on a P4 2.53ghz updated to latest 
>>updates and the latest nvidia drivers at this time(6111).
>>[static at localhost ut2004]$ ut2004 -mod=Deathball
>>Signal: SIGSEGV [segmentation fault]
>>Crash information will be saved to your logfile.
>>[static at localhost ut2004]$ tail -n 30 \
>>Init: Object subsystem initialized
>>Warning: Missing Class Class Editor.TransBuffer
>>Log: Initializing OpenGLDrv...
>>Log: binding libGL.so.1
>>Log: Game class is 'GameInfo'
>>Log: Bringing Level Entry.myLevel up for play (0) appSeconds: 6.081899...
>>ScriptLog: GameInfo::InitGame : bEnableStatLogging False
>>Warning: Missing MaterialSequence MaterialSequence 
>>Warning: Missing Texture Texture 2K4Menus.AVPlayer.StopPressed
>>Log: Browse: 
>>Developer Backtrace:
>>Log: [ 1]  ./ut2004-bin [0x85a7ac1]
>>Log: [ 2]  [0x55017420]
>>Log: [ 3] 
>>Log: [ 4] 
>>Log: [ 5] 
>>Log: [ 6] 
>>Log: [ 7]  ./ut2004-bin(_ZN11UGameEngine4InitEv+0x5cd) [0x822403d]
>>Log: [ 8]  ./ut2004-bin [0x81521c6]
>>Log: [ 9]  ./ut2004-bin(main+0x2f7f) [0x814de8f]
>>Log: [10]  /lib/tls/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xe4) [0x551a4ad4]
>>Log: [11]  ./ut2004-bin(getlogin+0xad) [0x814ace1]
>>Log: Unreal Call Stack: UObject::StaticAllocateObject <- 
>>UObject::CreatePackage <- UObject::GetPackageLinker <- 
>>UObject::StaticLoadObject <- VerifyPackages <- UGameEngine::LoadMap <- 
>>LocalMapURL <- UGameEngine::Browse <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine
>>Exit: Exiting.
>>Log: FileManager: Reading 0 GByte 45 MByte 161 KByte 63 Bytes from HD 
>>took 1.087074 seconds (0.239452 reading, 0.847623 seeking).
>>Log: FileManager: 0.000000 seconds spent with misc. duties
>>Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down
>>Uninitialized: Allocation checking disabled
>>Uninitialized: Log file closed, Wed Aug 25 22:02:28 2004

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