problem with el muerte's libhttp2

Robert Larkin mani at
Tue Aug 24 23:25:52 EDT 2004


Here's the email I sent to el muerte:

> Hi,
> I recently joined a server that has libhttp2 installed and ever since 
> I can't stay online for more than a few minutes and I lag like crazy 
> for those few minutes.  I'm running gentoo patched to 3236.1
> My connection to TS2 fails almost immediately after I join the server 
> with libhttp2 and then my ut2k4 client freezes soon after and I have 
> to ctrl-alt-backspace.
> It's only this server where this problem happens.  What should I do to 
> debug this?  I couldn't see anything obvious in my logs.
> thx for all your work,
> mani

I couldn't find a "proper" place to submit a bug report to el muerte for 
this so I emailed him directly. 

Has anyone else had a problem with this mut?


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