[ut2004] Carball and UT2k4

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at tutopia.com
Mon Aug 16 00:36:34 EDT 2004

Matthew Daubenspeck wrote:

>Has anyone gotten the CarBall mod working with the linux version?
>I have tried both the ZIP and the UMod method, and none of them seem to
>work. The module just never appears in the dropdown list in the game.
>Any suggestions?
A long shot, but maybe the mod installs some "native functions"? These 
are dynamically linked libraries to use with a .u module, but they are 
in the form of .dll files. AFAIK there is a way to translate them into 
.so files, but the problem is that the library won't load or will crash 
the game upon load... I've been looking myself for a way to do this (to 
no avail) for another mod for UT99 (which lacks the make commandlet in 
ucc-bin), maybe this is the problem with this mod? (I'll have a look at 
it anyways)

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