[ut2004] Tweaking Linux for playing games

John Nilsson john at milsson.nu
Fri Aug 6 20:28:59 EDT 2004

On Sat, 2004-08-07 at 01:17, Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
>     I don't know if there will be an Accelertaed OpenAL for nVidia 
> audio, according to the guy who made the one for emu10k1 chips, he only 
> could because Creative has an OpenSource version of the emu10k1 driver 
> (which was used to build both ALSA and OSS drivers). I'm currently 
> running FC2 with a custom 2.6.7-ck6 kernel, I applied the -ck patch and 
> I could tell the difference from the stock FC2 kernel. Although Con 
> Kolivas recommends to disable PREEMPT when using this patch (if you have 
> the Hz set to 500+), I've found that the kernel behaves quite well. 
> Another thing that must be said about tweaking your distro for Gaming, 
> is about your DE and window manger. Big-fat-bloated DEs (KDE and GNOME) 
> may induce additional overhead to the machine, so using a light weight 
> WM/DE is recommendable for gaming. I've been looking around for one that 
> both, satisfies my taste in the desktop and is reasonably light 
> weighted. There are many WMs and DEs you can try (Flux, Balck, OpenBox, 
> TWM, VWM, XFCE, etc). Of the ones I've tried, I can safely say that the 
> best *for me* is XFCE4. It is both ligh weighted and VERY functional. 
> Some people call it the light weight GNOME or GNOME's little brother, 
> since it's based on GTK+. It has all the goodies from GNOME when it 
> comes to confiugrability and customizability and also is blazing fast!, 
> the downside is that if you are used to an Explorer-like file manager 
> (Konqueror, Nautilus), the XFFM is a little sour.

Most games are fullscreen. You don't need a WM...

For the kernel you might want to check out

Why not use reiser4 instead of XFS?

Unreal Tournament 2003 Gentoo LiveCD
this project spawned Gentoo Games inc. The idea was to produce bootable
cds that booted into the game.
http://www.gentoogames.com/ seems to be empty at the moment.

See http://www.morphix.org/ a modular aproach to bootable linux cd.

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