Tweaking Linux for playing games

Rick B zajelo3 at
Fri Aug 6 17:48:08 EDT 2004

Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for the optimal settings for 
Linux and gaming? Shortly I will be doing a reinstall and that would be 
a ideal time to start from scratch with building a highly optimized 
Linux gaming machine. I am not talking about tweaking UT2004, I am 
talking about the OS. Things that I have in mind are, switching the 
partition I keep my games on from Reiserfs to XFS as XFS is supposed to 
read larger files faster, since UT2004 seems to have large files. I have 
learned to tweak bdflush to write to disk more often in smaller chunks 
of data rather than to store data in memory and write large chunks at 
once thus causing the scheduler to not be able to supply the video card 
with the information it needs to keep your framerate stable. These are 
just two examples of things that can help make Linux a great gaming OS, 
surely there are many more tweaks out there that I dont know about. 
Links are welcome too.

                Rick B

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