[ut2004] ut2004 on linux PPC?

Felix Maibaum f.maibaum at web.de
Wed Apr 28 05:56:34 EDT 2004

Am Freitag, 23. April 2004 18:44 schrieb Ryan C. Gordon:

> Between x86 Linux and MacOS X, it would probably be harder for me to get
> PPC linux installed than it would be to actually do the port, but
> honestly, it's a slippery slope: once I do this I'll get flooded with
> demands for alpha and sparc and gameboy ports.

Now That you mention it, I _do_ own a Gameboy....

> As for 32 CPUs: the dedicated server is single threaded.  :)

speaking of which: would it be possible to make the listen-server 
I tried running a client and a dedicated server on my dual box at the same 
time, and the decrease in performance was horrible, probably because both 
compete for the memory bus.
Also doing the same for single player would be really nice: one thread for 
rendering, one for bots/physics/etc.

any chance?


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