[ut2004] Performance Issues

Xipher xipher at xipher.us
Thu Apr 29 12:17:35 EDT 2004

 > rix wrote:
 >>> I'm running UT2004 on Linux 2.6.5, with a 3.2 gHz P4, with a GeForce
 >>> FX 5200.

Matthew Arnold wrote:
> How much memory do you have? Is this on every map or just big, open 
> ones? Your 3.2 P4 should be fine. The 5200 could very well be a bottle 
> neck. What NVIDIA drivers are you using?

The video card is very likely to be the bottle neck, but ram could as 
well. I personally have a AMD thunderbird 2400+ (runs at 2.0 GHz) with 1 
GB of ram and a Geforce 5700 ultra, the processor is slower, but I get 
pretty good frame rates, until I get into a larger ONS map, which can 
take it down considerably (around 30 - 40 fps).

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